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2021 Great Rolex Submariner Blue Sunburst Dial

Rolex Submariner Blue Sunburst Dial

The Rolex Submariner ref. 116613LB “Bluesy” is one of the brand’s most striking modern sports watches, featuring yellow gold, stainless steel, blue ceramic, and a matching rising sun blue dial. By no stretch of the imagination is the two-tone Submariner an understated watch – but pair it with a bright blue Cerachrom bezel and a blue dial that dances in the light, and you get a striking watch.
However, did you hear that the Submariner 116613LB doesn’t always feature a Rising Sun Blue dial? Learn when and why fake Rolex made this change and other key information about the replica watch by reading our handy guide to the Submariner 116613 with a blue sunburst dial.
The Submariner 116613LB is housed in a 904L stainless steel and 18K yellow gold Oyster case with a diameter of 40mm. While the previous Submariner ref. 16613LB also had a 40mm case size, this new watch is significantly larger on the wrist thanks to its “super case” silhouette of larger lugs, wider bezel, and thicker crown protection. In addition, the noticeably larger luminescent dots on the blue dial and the smooth surface of the blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel emphasize the bolder style of the Submariner 116613LB.   
Although the Submariner is a very stylish luxury watch, it remains true to its dive watch function, offering a water resistance rating of 300 meters and a highly luminous dial. Similar to all modern submarines, the number 116613 has a unidirectional 60-minute marker bezel to prevent underestimation of dive time. Since this is a two-tone submarine, the markers on the bezel appear in yellow gold to match the other yellow gold elements of the watch.
As you may or may not already know, Rolesor is the name Rolex has given to its watches that combine gold and steel. And the two-tone Rolex replica watch in yellow gold and stainless steel is called the Yellow Rolesor. The yellow Rolesor Submariner watch with Cerachrom bezel introduced in 2009 is reference number 116613 and like all previous two-tone Submariners, it is available in either black or blue.
While all Submariner 116613LB fake watches have blue dials, the earliest examples of these “blued” Submariners are not iridescent in hue like the sunburst dial of the previous reference number 16613. Rolex chose a flat blue color to match the shade of the blue Cerachrom bezel. However, after a mixed public response, Rolex switched back to the traditional sunburst style dial within a few short years of production. As of 2013, the Rolex Submariner 116613LB has a sunburst blue dial instead of the original flat blue dial.