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A Guide to the Collectible Rolex Submariner

When it comes to the Rolex Submariner, there are many color options. On the one hand, there is the classic black for the minimalist. At the same time, there is a two-tone version for those who want to stand out. And for those in the middle, who want to deviate from the usual black without drawing too much attention to themselves, there is the Rolex Kermit.
Like its namesake, the replica Rolex Kermit comes with a bright green bezel and a black dial. While it’s not as popular as other colorways, the Kermit has an interesting story behind it. Find out what made Rolex go with the green colorway below. Replica Rolex Cellini watches
Diving watches became a craze in the 1950s, and Rolex was, of course, one of the biggest brands involved in the competition. Thus, the development of the Rolex Submariner began in 1953 which included a daring publicity stunt with the Swiss explorer Auguste Piccard. Legend has it that Piccard dived to 3,131.8 meters with his Bathyscaphe submarine while wearing a specially designed Rolex.
Thereafter, the Rolex Submariner was launched in 1954, and although it was not the same watch as the one used by Picard, it was heavily inspired by it. There is no doubt that the Rolex Submariner became an immediate fan favorite. In fact, it is one of Rolex’s famous models. With that, Rolex started to release different colorways of the Submariner, and the fake Rolex Kermit is one of them.
The brand keeps it simple with only three main collections, each with sub-collections worth exploring. But for ease of understanding, you just need to keep in mind the vintage, instrument, and experimental collections from Bell and Ross. You probably already have an idea of what each collection is about, so, without further ado, let’s take a closer look!
The Vintage collection by Bell & Ross pays tribute to the classic military watches that revolutionized the watchmaking industry. The Vintage collection has three main designs: the BR V1, with its typical 3-hand design, and the BR V2 and BR V3, both of which are chronographs.
The BR 05 has a more octagonal rather than a square shape. Due to the very rounded edges of the square dial, the case ends up looking more like an octagon. However, other than that, the design of the BR 05 remains almost similar to that of the BR 01 and BR 03. Its watch is offered in various design options, including a chronograph function, as well as a skeleton dial. It also comes with a special gold collection in various colors that complement the – you guessed it – gold dial and bracelet.
Final Thoughts
Although its collections are more focused than other watch brands, as a brand, Bell & Ross does have a lot to unpack. The specificity of its timepieces is not the only thing that can point out why the brand has become a favorite among collectors. They certainly design their timepieces with professionals in mind and rely on the durability and functionality of their best replica watches rather than any marketing strategy. It’s never too early to say that Bell & Ross is now a modern classic that many collectors are investing in. With the innovations that the brand is presenting to its customers, it is easy to say that the only way forward for this brand is up.