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A Historic Rolex Watch Attracts your Eyes

Although Rolex was originally founded in London, its current headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, the engineering quality of Mecca, Switzerland. Each Rolex watch is meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Both qualities are a testament to the quality represented by Swiss-made best watches such as the Rolex. It is an impressive feat that Rolex has been able to dominate the luxury watch industry for more than a century without slowing down in overall popularity or cutting-edge innovation. 
After its debut, fake Rolex was famous as the James Bond watch due to Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton using them in their respective movies. They have since become a status symbol, which makes certain models highly prized to collectors.
The watches are expensive partly because of the materials used. 904L Stainless Steel is much more expensive than the steel used in other timepieces, owing to its durability and aesthetic appearance. For that reason, Rolex raises the prices on theirs. The company also collects and processes the gold itself, rather than buying it from retailers. They were the only watchmakers who owned gold, which made their products more expensive.
Rolex also uses craftsmen to make and check the watch movements, or to set the precious stones into each band and dial. Other experts test the depths to which the water-resistance model can stand, which is another brand trademark. Such quality control also makes replica Rolex watches more valuable, as you know that when you wear one, you are wearing a watch for scuba diving.
Time is also a factor. Owing to the material used, as well as the artisans involved, it takes a year for Rolex to release a new brand of copy watches. This makes Rolexes relatively exclusive, compared to watches you can buy in any store. While you use a watch to tell the time, you get a larger investment when buying one of these.
Most importantly, a certified Rolex from Gray & Son’s jeweler comes with a two-year warranty and free annual polishing by our “For Life new” policy. In the meantime, you can have your watch repaired without worrying about the cost. We are also proud to have one of the most prestigious Rolex watch repair and service facilities in the world, the most advanced mechanical equipment, and Swiss watch parts worth more than $1 million.