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An ‘Expedition Watch Program’ for Rolex and The Explorers Club

When it comes to The Explorers Club on Manhattan’s Upper Eastside, the Rolex watch will be always thought of by us the first time. Since Rolex has been a supporting partner of The Explorers Club for decades, except for financial support through event underwriting and grants, three watches are provided especially to be worn on expeditions: an Explorer (duh!), an Explorer II, and a Submariner. These watches are the subject of what is being called the “Rolex Expedition Watch Program”, also will be awarded to worthy expeditions, based on detailed applications submitted to a selection committee that includes the first American woman to walk in space and one of the first men to the deepest spot in the ocean.
David Concannon, who is the Chairman of the selection committee, thinks the Rolex watch program is a perfect fit for the Explorers Club. The fact is, “Many of the greatest triumphs in exploration, from finding the Titanic to breaking the sound barrier and reaching the deepest point in the world’s ocean, have been accomplished by Explorers Club members wearing Rolex replica watches,” Concannon says. The Explorers Club is very excited to remain in the long-term partnership with Rolex to furthermore achieve their requirements.
As part of the Expedition Watch Program, each selected expedition leader will wear the chosen Rolex during their mission, capturing photographic evidence of it for posterity and return the watch to the Club once their mission is over. Rolex will engrave the back of the watch to commemorate each expedition, a plaque will keep a running history of each watch’s use, and then the given watch will remain at the Explorers Club until the next assigned expedition. Finally, each watch will be retired after several expeditions to be left on permanent display at the Explorers Club like the flags.
There is no doubt that fake Rolex has a long history in exploration, having been on the wrists of Edmund Hillary, Reinhold Messner, and Ed Viesturs in the mountains, Will Steger, Wally Herbert, and Ranulph Fiennes at the Poles, and countless ocean explorers from Cameron and Earle to Jacques Cousteau. No one would forget the full-page Rolex ads depicting adventurers in caves, on polar ice, or in volcano craters, including Hillary, Viesturs, Steger, Herbert, Cameron, and Earle, were or are Explorers Club members.  
Although it was advertising, we can feel more authentic from that video and photos than we tend to see these days. Rolex is trying its best to recapture that vibe and is refocusing some of its marketing on the brand’s history on wrists in harm’s way. Cooperate with The Explorers Club is part of that effort, and it seems a good choice. Someone who is wearing watches can bring us the positive energy, most challenging, ambitious, and daunting endeavors show us true commitment and confidence as possible as it can.