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Eternal Rolex Submarines in 2021

Often, a Submarine is the first port of call for anyone starting a journey into the Rolex collection. In fact, the submarine is often the first reason the journey begins. So how much will you need to spend?
The good news is that it may be less than you think. The ballpark figure for the entry point is around $7,500 to $8,000. To that end, you’ll likely find a reference example. Reference 16610, a superb pre-case watch with the most modern attributes, a flawless internal mechanism, and the most recognizable shape that horology can offer.
So is it lucky enough to have an absolutely massive amount of money to splurge? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options for the high-end Submariner as well. Some of the earliest vintage reference watches are very rare and therefore ridiculously expensive.
The first big crown Submariner, Ref. 6200, is better known among fanatics. 6200, better known among fanatics as the King Sub, was produced in less than a year and only about 300 pieces were reportedly made. More unusually, the 3/6/9 hour markers on the dial are more commonly found on replica Rolex Explorers. The last time it was sold was in 2017, when it changed hands at auction for $589,000.
Fortunately, between these two extremes, there is a model to fit almost every pocket. The two-tone Rolesor pieces remain very popular, each with a choice of black or blue dials and bezels. For a typical 1980s look, “Serti” dials are sometimes mounted on these models and on all-gold watches with jeweled indexes. These watches can also be purchased at surprisingly realistic prices, starting at around $10,000.
It is almost unbelievable to think that a timepiece that was originally designed as an underwater timekeeper created specifically for the up-and-coming casual diving crown has evolved into the most famous and recognizable luxury watch in the world. Yet the core design of the fake Rolex Submariner is so versatile and so successful that this dramatic evolution seems entirely appropriate, if not almost expected.
Hence, we have the history of the Rolex Submariner. Obviously, there is much more to this watch than a single article, and we encourage you to search our many blog posts on the subject to learn all about it.