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High Quality Replica Rolex Cellini 4243 Watch

Maybe the Cellini 4243 isn’t your daily watch and of course, it is not your Rolex. This amazing fake watch is meant to accompany you to black tie events, cocktail parties, and date nights. The smooth, curvy case against a leather strap gives the inherently classy, elevated aesthetic you should match your appearance together. 
The Cellini itself is an essential piece of the fake Rolex collection, marrying the congeries high standards for timekeeping while encapsulating the heritage of watchmaking itself. Still not intrigued by this little-heard-of Rolex? Well, maybe the fact that President Barack Obama wears a Cellini will make you excited. Even though the 50509 he sported for his presidential portrait has a much more versatile, daytime feel than this gorgeous, white gold 4233 we’re looking at today.
What’s the outstanding point about this watch is the pure simplicity and elegance, and that begins with the silver face. Reflecting light and mimicking the cool, curvaceous feel of the case, the face is polished and clean. The luminous baton index hour markers outlined in white gold reach out to the center, curved, rectangular minute-markers hugging the inner bezel.
But what your eye follows around the face are the tapered sweeping hands, swinging past the cursive Cellini inscribed above 6-o’clock, and the boxy Rolex replica logo at the top. Certainly, the face is well-protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
The case seems circular at first sight, but you’ll realize it’s almost squared-off with rounded edges — the round face adding to the illusion if you are upon closer inspection. Clocking in at 38mm, the case of the Cellini 4243 is designed to sit perfectly on the wrist, large enough to catch your attention but not petite. Then there are the lugs which are small and flat, the crown not sticking far off the side either, further adding to the simplicity.
There is a manual winding movement inside the case, the Caliber 1602 which boasts 20 jewels, a 46-hour power reserve, and beats at 21,600bph. Described as the replica of Rolex’s contemporary celebration of classicism, it’s fitting to pair this contemporary heritage timepiece with a traditional manual movement.