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How Many Rolex Yacht-Master Sizes Are There Now?

The big news for Rolex at Baselworld this year was the new 18k platinum Yacht-Master 42 ref. 226659, which has a larger case size of 42mm. For the first time in the Yacht-Master series, the logo is larger than 40mm; However, Rolex has also produced several Yacht-Master models in 40mm. So, how many Rolex Yacht-Master sizes are there now? Let’s see, shall we? rolex
Rolex currently produces Yacht-Master in three sizes. There are the new Yacht-Master 42, the Yacht-Master 40, and the Yacht-Master 37. While the largest models are exclusively available in platinum, Rolex other two sizes are Everose, two-tone Everose and stainless steel, and two-tone platinum and stainless steel.
It is worth mentioning that the Yacht-Master is the only series that provides functional bezels on the case of below 40mm. The Yacht-Master 37 (a size first introduced in 2015) is a great choice for anyone with a smaller wrist to buy a Rolex replica watch.
Rolex first introduced its Yacht-Master line in 1992 with the 16628, which had a case size of 40mm. Two years later, in 1994, Rolex introduced two other sizes: the midsize Yacht-Master 68628, with a 35mm case; Lady Yacht-Master 69628, case 29mm. From then until 2015, Rolex introduced the three different sizes of watches in the Yacht-Master collection.
In 1999, the Rolesium edition of the Yacht-Master appeared. For those who don’t know, ‘Rolesium’ is a word invented by replica Rolex, which means a combination of platinum and steel on a watch — a combination that’s still usable from a current Yacht-Master collection.
Finally, in 2005, Rolex’s Rolesor came in gold and stainless steel. The special metal structure is no longer made by Rolex but is replaced by the Everose gold and stainless steel Rolesor watches. Rolex eventually gave up on the 29mm and 35mmYacht-Master and kept the 40mm size
So, in short, if you include the discontinued sizes, the fake Rolex Yacht-Master comes in five different sizes: 42mm, 40mm, 37mm, 35mm, and 29mm. If we count the Yacht-Master II (a completely different watch, to be fair, despite its name) and its large 44mm case, it comes in six sizes. No other specialty Rolex series comes close to offering this size classification.