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Latest Rolex Datejust For 2021 Watches and Wonders

Amid the fanfare of “Watches and Wonders” and the clamor for the latest stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus, Rolex has quietly done what Rolex does very, very well. Yes, there are calls for more from the brand we know and love, but when does the crown seem to listen to the masses? Rolex is a secretive watch brand, which is one of the reasons it is the most recognized watch brand in the world. Its inner workings are so mysterious that everything the brand does, whether it feels radical or radically safe, is done with the kind of bravado we all wish we had.
While the main focus is on the release of the yellow fake Rolex Explorer 2021 model, the barely perceptible update to the Explorer II, and the simply sensational meteorite dial Daytona on the Oysterflex strap, the hero of the industry, Rolex Datejust got some new references that are well worth discussing. 
It’s clear that Rolex gets more praise than most brands. Many are very deserving, but some feel like smoke. However, again, the brand has come under fire from all sides for almost everything. Rolex is constantly criticized for being too conservative and taking itself too seriously.
Now, in a strange and unexpected way, Rolex has once again shown its willingness to push the envelope. No, it’s not as exciting as a new model, and, yes, the palm motif is printed, not hand/laser engraved or applied, but it’s completely different from anything else in our current men’s collection. It’s flashy, yes, but quite serene. These models certainly won’t be for everyone, but if they don’t become hot sellers, it at least means that those who like them should be able to buy them from an authorized dealer sometime in the near future.
However, the controversial palm dial isn’t the only release we’ve seen this year, oh no. A charming yellow Rolesor Datejust has emerged with an intriguing fluted dial. This watch (also 126233) has a future classic look. Like the other three models, it measures 36 mm and looks even better. This brilliantly versatile size is both classic and modern. The dial looks like something you’ve seen on the set of Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction before, but it’s not. It’s brand new. And it looks amazing. If only it came in blue…
Surprise! It does! Although replica Rolex neglected to mention it in the press release, there is a blue fluted dial option. It is available in either a white Rolesor or Oystersteel case. This is a very good option and not at all what one would expect. Is it wild? No, but it is a wildcard option for the best new Rolex offering this year.