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Rolex a partner with the sport of golf

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Rolex has been a partner with the sport of golf for 50 years or more. One of their longest-standing relationships has been with the British Open, also known as The Open Championship. The first British Open was held in 1860, making it the oldest of the four major golf tournaments and the only one played outside the United States. Over the past 3 decades, fake Rolex has boasted as the Official Timekeeper for the famous event as well as sponsored many of the players who have taken home the coveted Claret Jug. 
As Official Timekeeper, Rolex plays an important role in tracking and supervising the official rules of golf set forth by the iconic Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. You might have noticed that reference clocks were placed throughout the court to assist with monitoring the game. This year’s 147th Open Championships is held at Carnoustie on Scotland’s Angus coast. This particular course is one of the toughest and longest in the world, measuring more than 7,400 yards in length.
As Official Timekeeper. They also sponsored several top golfers attending this year’s event. We can’t say that a Rolex replica brings good luck to a given player. However, Rolex ambassadors have a strong track record of getting a victory at The Open.
At the Carnoustie course 50 years ago, golf legend Gary Player hit one of the greatest shots of his career to land his second Claret Jug. He went on to get the third one six years later in 1974. The man was raised by a single dad who worked as a gold miner. Early in the player’s career, his father told him, “you keep working hard like this, and one day, you might even buy yourself a cheap Rolex.” And, that’s just what he did after scoring his first British Open win in 1959. As he’s enjoying retirement, you can still see him wearing an inexpensive fake Rolex, a President to be exact.
Tom Watson is another well-known player at The Open. He’s won the famous Claret Jug an unbelievable five times in a span of just nine years and will participate in this year’s tournament. Watson vowed to treat himself to a cheap Rolex watch after he earned a million dollars in winnings, and he became an official ambassador for the brand in 2011. You might spot him wearing a Daytona in post-game interviews. Famed golfer Tiger Woods is also a regular winner of the British Open. He’s gotten the title three times, in 2000, 2002, and 2008, and he’s competing in the tournament again this year. Woods has had a longstanding relationship with Rolex and recently he has been sporting a Sea-Dweller or Deepsea.