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The first Replica Zenith wristwatch with silver case

Commonly, silver cases are quite unusual in watchmaking today while not unheard of. With much more durable white metals like steel and titanium are easily available, watchmakers make efforts toward that direction typically, and then choose platinum or white gold to pursuit a higher-end execution. To some degree, it’s a pity that silver watches are relatively rare, since silver has a warmth all its own, and it tends to patina in a way that many watch enthusiasts would appreciate, especially for those who are interested in vintage aesthetics. watches
The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special, the first silver-cased wristwatch we are seeing from Zenith which announced at pre-Baselworld, and this new Pilot’s Type 20 come with a dial made of brushed silver that matched the case perfectly. The dial also has an attractive pattern that is a direct allusion to vintage aviation. And the oversized numerals and hands, paired with the oversized crown, and large 45mm case size, making a really rugged-looking tool watch. There is an automatic Zenith Elite automatic movement inside.
Initial Thoughts
I am very interested in the dial on this watch. Except being made from an unusual material like the case, the dial has a motif that I’ve never seen on any Rolex replica watch before. At 45mm in diameter, this is a watch whose size is going to appeal to those who are hunting for a really bold pilot’s watch, which makes an immediate impression for us. The Zenith Flying Instruments decoration on the back of the case reminders us that Zenith has been making watches for aviation for a long time. Actually, Zenith holds the trademark for the Pilot name as it applies to replica watches.
Silver is a material commonly seen in jewelry but rarely seen in watchmaking, it will decidedly have its own character based on how it’s worn and the conditions that the wearer subjects it to. We’ve seen that bronze watches are on the rise in popularity. For similar reasons, I suppose if we can witness more silver timepieces hitting the market shortly too.
As for El Primero, 2019 is the 50th anniversary itself. People who are crazy about watches are really focused on what Zenith may or may not do in the timepieces field this year. This piece definitely not be included, to be honest, but it’s quite a wonderful chronograph with an interesting case and dial.