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The more expensive the replica watch is, the more people want it

A stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus sells for almost as much as a solid gold Rolex, but it’s on sale for much longer. The Federation of the Swiss watch industry is the main industry association of the Swiss watch industry, headquartered in Bienne, is a private non-profit organization. The FH noted that the Swiss fake watch association has been closely monitoring Swiss watch exports, which fell 10.7 % in June alone, “the first significant decline this year.”However, overall export values improved, suggesting that more expensive watches were most popular with consumers. 
Although they have been in production for several years now, dealers still have waiting lists of several years. Luxury replica watch firms may in fact take heart at this – legacy pieces of a higher value that are more costly to make, and therefore command a higher price are also more representative of the image that most brands want to portray. Having more of such pieces in demand may create a halo effect, and finally, lead to an uplift across their entire product range.
Nevertheless, when you take a view of another type of fake Rolex watches, the opposite of this value proposition seems to be the real fact. We are talking about the Apple Watch – which, while not comparable to high-end mechanical watches in many respects, nonetheless stands for the largest challenge to most Swiss watch manufacturers – at least the ones who do not enjoy Rolex’s unassailable status in the marketplace.
Although it is a little expensive and released not too long ago, the new fake Batman GMT-Master II already has a multi-year waitlist.
Apple’s experience making a foray into the luxury market did not turn out rather well. In a new interview with Bloomberg, Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams, who co-created the Apple Watch, tells us that sales of the much-vaunted 18-karat gold luxury version of the smart-watch significantly bombed.
It may have simply been far too ambitious with prices ranging from $10,000 to $17,000. However, we suppose it clearly demonstrates that the finest Swiss timepiece manufacturers have little to fear from the Apple Watch. As we’ve thought all along, it is far more likely that a man of taste and means will acquire an Apple Watch as a complement to – instead of a replacement for – his amazing replica Rolex.