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Introduction of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

When discussing replica watches, it is almost impossible not to mention Rolex Daytona. Rolex’s flagship timepiece has been the cornerstone of the luxury watch world since the early 1960s; In recent years, however, the Cosmograph Daytona has become an absolute record-breaker.
Not only does the Daytona have the distinction of being the most expensive Rolex watch, but the Rolex Daytona (Paul Newman’s very own ‘Paul Newman’) is the most expensive watch ever, selling for a staggering $17.8 million at an auction in October 2017. watches
Before the Daytona watch made its debut in the early 1960s, Rolex had been making chronograph timepieces for decades. But what eventually became synonymous with the replica Rolex chronograph was the Cosmograph Daytona, which now represents one of the most valuable, sought-after watches in the world.
Today, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a veritable legend in the watch industry, often ranks among the most sought-after watches of the moment. Yet Rolex’s top-of-the-line chronograph wasn’t always coveted or collectible. In contrast, the history and evolution of the Rolex Daytona (especially in its early days) has consisted of only a few small, incremental improvements resulting in multiple variations.
For the history of the iconic fake Rolex chronometer and the complete evolution of the Rolex Daytona, please visit our homepage and be sure to watch the accompanying video, where we quickly introduce the history of the Cosmograph Daytona, from its first debut during the early 1960s, all the way through the arrival of its patented movement and ceramic bezel.